Adi Vesnić,
Suvad Lelo

Department of biology, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Sarajevo
Zmaja od Bosne 33-35, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina



Vesnić, A., & Lelo, S. Spatial variability of quantitative characters among individuals in workers caste of Camponotus ligniperdus (Latreille, 1802) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Morphometric analysis of quantitative characters was conducted in order to assess their degree of variation as well as their utility in distinguishing worker subcastes. The lowest degree of variation was identified for measures observed in receptor organs, scapulae and compound eyes. The highest degree of variation was estimated within values determined for head width and length, which can be linked to specialization and grouping of subcastes.

Key words: Ants, Camponotus, ligniperdus, Polymorphism



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The analysis of eight quantitative characters: Alitrunk Length (AL), Eye Length (DO), Eye Width (SO), Head Length (HL), Head Width (HW), Anterior Head Width (HWa), Scape Length (SL), Mandible Length (ML) and three indices Cephalic Index (CI), Face Index (FI), Scape Index (SI) in Camponotus ligniperdus (Latreille) species has demonstrated polymorphism within the worker caste. This particular polymorphism is primarily observed within head length and width.

PCA and 3D landmarks analyses and linear distribution of values obtained for head length show that three separate subgroups, which are most likely subcastes, can be distinguished based on this character.

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